I’m fortunate to work with the following brilliant students.

Ph.D. Students

Co-supervised Ph.D. Students

  • Rui Wen, Ocotber 2019-, with Michael Backes
  • Yihan Ma, July 2021-, with Michael Backes
  • Yang Zou, October 2019-, with Michael Backes
  • Min Chen, August 2019-, with Michael Backes
  • Ahmed Salem, February 2017-, with Michael Backes

Ph.D. Preparatory Phase


  • Tianshuo Cong, August 2021-, visiting Ph.D. student, Tsinghua University
  • Haiming Wang, July 2021-, visiting Ph.D. student, Zhejiang University


  • Bartlomiej Surma, May 2016-September 2021, Co-supervised Ph.D. student with Michael Backes, Saarland University, now at Google
  • Joann Chen, July 2021-September 2021, intern, UC Irvine
  • Ge Han, October 2019-August 2021, visiting Ph.D. student, Shandong University
  • Suliya, January 2020-January 2021, visiting Ph.D. student, Chinese Academy of Science, now at JD
  • Xiaoyi Chen, October 2019-October 2020, visiting Ph.D. student, Peking University
  • Yuhao Mao, June 2020-September 2020, intern, Zhejiang University, now at ETH
  • Leonard Schild, March 2017-July 2020, research assistant, Saarland University, now at KU Leuven
  • Zeyu Yang, October 2019-March 2020, visiting Ph.D. student, Zhejiang University